Choosing random items in a .INI file

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  • Hey, I'd like to know how one could choose random items and groups in a .INI file. I am making a random question type scene in my game and I'd like to know how I could make the game choose a random question, then choose a random order of answers in that .ini group and apply them to Texts. I can get it to work without making it random, but I can't seem to get it to choose anything random. I'd appreciate all the help/assistance I could get!

    (I'm new to construct, so clear instructions(and maybe a step by step guide?) would be very helpful!)

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  • You might have an easier time loading all of the questions and answers into an array on layout startup (eg: X dimension for question number, Y dimension for answers).

    Then you might have an easier time working with the data rather than making constant reads to the INI file.

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