Changing layout order (solved)

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  • This is probably an extremely basic question, but I haven't been able to find any information on it in the wiki.

    How can the order of layouts be changed? Which is to say, a game will, when run, start with whatever layout I created first (which in my case is just a level I made to mess around with, and decided to keep). There doesn't appear to be any application property that would affect this, nor is there anything readily obvious in the layouts themselves.

    I'd like to add a menu before my levels (I have 3 levels at present), and I'd like this to be its own layout. Later on, I might want to add a splash screen or title screen before the menu, or I might want to change the order of my levels or insert a level or intermission between two of the others.

    I'm hoping there's an easy way to do all this. It seems simple enough to shove a one-time event in to change layouts to a particular numbered layout on startup, but that means the program is loading a bunch of assets that it doesn't necessarily need up front, which could be a problem later - I don't want to do that if it can be avoided. Renaming layouts doesn't seem to help, either, because they seem to retain their index number based on when they were created.

    Surely I'm just overlooking something, though. Thanks

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  • In the project bar, just click and drag whatever layout you want to open first to the beginning of the layout list.

  • Ah, simple enough. I guess I figured it was just alphabetical like Visual Studio. Stupid assumption, though.

    Seems to work. Thanks!

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