Castlevania Style Platformer

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  • Yes you did tell me, and I should've listened. That's a really good idea though, to have a normal wall that gets replaced by the physics wall. You guys are all really really helpful, I appreciate it a lot.

  • Perfect solution, Deadeye, you're amazing, thank you so much.

  • Howdy all, I'm trying to make a ladder, but I'm really not doing very well. I want to be able to stand on top of the ladder, and have my character be able to jump as many times as I press the button, without falling through. I've got him able to jump, by using the jump command in the platform behaviour, except that it doesn't go the same height as a normal jump, and the only way I can have the character not fall through the ladder when landing is by holding up. There must be a simpler way to do this. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • Yay, I got the ladder working!

  • So I'm now working on a platform that moves randomly, I've got it set to solid, and I'm using the bullet behaviour to make it move. Then every 3000ms it changes angle randomly. But for some reason, the player falls through the platform, and not all the time. I'll be riding the platform nicely and then suddenly drop through the middle of it for no reason.

  • I've noticed that there is still a bug that's letting the player fall through vertically moving platforms, but that's with the Platform attribute checked. Seems to me that if it's set to Solid then that shouldn't happen.

    At any rate, we might have to wait for the triumphant return of David before any more platform stuff gets fixed. If you could recreate the problem in a fresh .cap and upload it to the bug tracker that would help.

  • Gotcha, I'll see what I can do about recreating it.

  • Ok, I looked for a Bug Tracker forum in the Board Index, and must be blind cause I couldn't find it anywhere, so I'm afraid I'll just have to post it here for now. The same glitch happens, you stand on the solid moving block and then fall through the middle of it at random. It happens maybe every third time. It was done in v0.99.62

  • Here is the bug tracker link: ... id=1003219

    You need to have a sourceforge login to add to the tracker.

  • So here's a question. I've got a visual effect that is supposed to always be set to the player's x,y location. Normally this works just fine. But when using the advanced camera plugin, if I have a camera zone larger than my display size, then the visual effect progresively gets further and further away from me, the farther I get from 0,0 coordinates. If I use 2 camera zones that are the size of my display and next to each other, the effect stays with the player fine in the first zone, but when switching to the next, the effect jumps to the screen coordinates my character was when the zone changed. For example, if I switch zones going left to right, the effect will be on me at the right edge of screen one, but when the zone changes, the effect will be on the right of screen two, whereas the character will be on the left edge. What am I missing here?

  • Of course, you can do a lot more without having to bother with a lot of that stuff by using Linkman's camera plugin. It's awesome.

    Also, that's some sweet music! I might consider asking for some tunes, if I need it.

    can you share please the linkman´s camare plugin link, because the original top was deleted

    and this is for construct 2 or only for construct

    thank you

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