CAPs made in .97 don't load in .96.4

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  • Yes, I know this is to be expected, but bear with me here. Anything created in .97, even if it uses no new features -- heck, it can be left blank and saved -- won't load in .96.4, giving me the following error:

    [quote:x06eqs25]Failed to load application (Error with loading: expecting class (CLayout), but recieved () )

    The reason I'm pointing this is that .97 broke my game(in the way that something in one of the layouts kills the computer upon running), and I apparently saved it by accident, and now I can't continue work in the previous version. Anything that can be done about this? Mainly on .97s side.

  • Oh man, didn't you have a backup? Or several?

  • Well, you said you saved it by accident so, if it did in fact save, I would think little could be done.

    Ashley might be able take a look at it, but I guess just use this as a reminder to make backups at major points in development.

  • [quote:a6qq8pw5]This is one of our biggest releases ever, with the most changes - exercise usual caution if you have projects you are worried about (back them up, or wait a few days to ensure there arent any new bugs).

    Sorry, theres not a lot that can be done - I think you've learnt the hard way about backups! .cap files have never been backwards compatible, only forwards - there are usually subtle under-the-hood file format changes and we do some jiggery pokery to make old files automatically import. Still, that message could be friendlier...

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  • Maybe you could make a warning message about saving a backup when importing .caps from older versions? Or the message could ask if you want Construct to make a backup copy of the file.

  • I do save backups, I'm just not sure how recent it is. Mainly I want to know if you could look at the CAP and see if you can find what's making it crash in .97.

  • I think I have the same problem as you linkman

    If you manage to fix yours please tell me what you did - I can't be arsed to trial and error delete stuff in my events because there are far too many.

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