Bugg on sprite drawing

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  • Hmm.. I find the whole of Construct's sprite drawing rather buggy to the point of being barely usable So, here's what I do. I draw all my sprites and animations in MMF2 and copy and paste or import them into Construct.

    Maybe you guys could check opacity, I found out that most of the tools weren't drawing because they were somehow set completely transparent.

    But really, I think the picture editor is Construct's biggest flaw. It's best to use a 3rd party one. Even MS Paint isn't half bad if you get used to it.

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  • Whilst there does always seem to be some problems with the Picture Editor, I can happily say that the problems of this build are not permanent. The system behind it was changed to use float coordinates, which do not work on some graphics cards. Many people can use this build with no problems. Next build reverts the system so all the new problems and crashes are gone.

  • Im releived XD for now I'll just use the previous build

  • Ah, so it is true that 0.96 added some bugs to the sprite editor? I was spending the whole of last night figuring out why I couldn't copy-paste pics into Construct anymore. Guess I won't report that bug

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