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  • the spoke thing should work. from experience i know.

    i found an old cap of a blob that i had made, it was a big ring of hinged boxes, and since springs hadnt been made yet i had to do it this way, i used force being exerted from the average positions of all the boxes outward towards the boxes. it was like a balloon and it could never break besides being inverted. it seemed to become laggy and crash the program after a while though, prolly an old bug. ill post that old cap tmmrw, since i dont feel like doing it at this hour.

    the force `springs` i made can probably be replaced by real springs now, goodluck deadeye. i plan on using this in blobber for big soft bodied blobs that you can roll around in/push.

  • Tried putting a skin on the blob, but physics isn't working properly with non-centered hotspots. Is this a known issue, or should I post a bug report?

  • I lost !~

    Mine collapsed

    <img src="">

    Really impressive.

  • i think its known, someone complained about it to rich i think.

    you dont need to use the hotspot anyways, an image point suffices.

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  • Or use some maths and sprite's displacement map?

    <img src="">

    A lot of coding, erm, eventing and wheel reinventing, but it should work; note that any displacements would have to be additive - to include effect of gravity, multiple collisions etc.

  • I played with the distort map for this a bit, and it shouldn't be too hard.

    I placed an always even that made the displacement sprite set its position to the center spoke.

    Then on the map I just set up an appropriate number of rows, columns.

    You can then set the x,y displacement for each row/ column to the x,y of one of the sprites on the circumference. Of course you would need a ton of spokes, and rows/ columns for it to look good.

    Nice thing about this is its a distort map, the sprite can be any size, 1x1 pix even.

  • Newest incarnation, and it's MUCH more solid: ... 203000.cap

    You can still break it if you try, but it takes actual effort to do so. Move it back and forth with the arrow keys.

    Still not perfect, but getting better

  • oh nice, this is awesome

  • Wow awesome

    Just add distortion map to it

  • im interested to make this blobby thingy, would you tell us how to make it happen ? because the link seems to be broken (of course it is, its 3 years ago) but right now we're currently trying to make this blobby thing and already use spring force but quite frustrated about how to make the sprite following the physic condition (blob / jelly behaviour) , thanks and sorry for the necro-ing the thread ;)

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