Is it a bad idea to have many-layered backgrounds?

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  • I'll implement that and see if I can get it working, then. Good thing you posted the cap, because I had no idea what you were talking about in the previous post. Thanks a million!

    Edit: Yeah, I'm not really getting anywhere with it.

  • I... have no idea what that cap is doing. xD Even if I just copy the events into my project, looks like there's two problems:

    • as far as I can see, it doesn't scroll infinitely. It follows the mouse for a few seconds and then it stops. I don't know if that's what it's supposed to do, or there was some error in making it, or an error on my part, etc. etc.
    • does it have to randomly generate clouds? I'm making a Super Nintendo-style game, so that would honestly look too good to fit in with all the pixely sprites. Can I get it to work with my own sprites?

    By your smiley face it seems like this is the ultimate solution to my problem, but I dunno, maybe it's going way over my head.

  • Yeah, it can tile infinitely, but as you said it probably wouldn't work with pixel art.

    You would probably do better with the tiled background for that.

  • I see... but that brings me back to square one: how to make a tiled background(or even just sprites) scroll infinitely.

  • Well, if you're not worried about having a ton of clouds everywhere, you can do the same thing in the .cap I posted but change scrollxleft and stuff to the edges of the layout. That way cloud repositioning won't be affected by your player's current position.

    If you really want to use a tiled background object, just use this:

    Always: Set cloud value 'scrollspeed' to 'scrollspeed' - n*timedelta

    Set cloud offset to self.value('scrollspeed'), 0

    Just make sure the cloud uses a pow2 texture.

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  • Hmm... I think that one should work, newt. My only problem is that those clouds should only be moving when the camera scrolls instead of whenever the character moves, but I'm pretty sure I can set up MagiCam to help with that. I won't be able to try until later, but thanks again to both of you for taking the time to help me.

  • Somthing like that?

  • Welp, seems like I can't do that with MagiCam. Oh well.

    DtrQ, that's almost exactly what I need. The only thing I'd want to add is that the clouds slowly scroll while the camera isn't moving, too. Sounds easy to do, but I'm not sure how to set that up... Any ideas?

  • Looks absolutely perfect! I'll try to get it working in my project tonight. Not entirely sure how you did it, so hopefully copying it word for word will work. Thanks so much!

    EDIT: Worked like a charm! Thanks again for your help (and everyone else, too!). Now I can finally move on to the rest of my project.

  • Glad to help

    And feel free to edit any numbers including pv to adjust scrolling speed you want.

    TiledBG's pv "r" is individual scroll rate, btw

  • How to make a sprite auto scroll like cloud ? (I'm newbie)

  • Hi!

    any chance you can share your cap file? I would like to see the project "in action" and learn from this.

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