can anyone tell me whats wrong with this .cap?

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  • Hi all.

    I am not exactly a genius when it comes to writing code, but I am a little stumped by this cap. I am just trying to send a bunch of tanks from point to point using RTS object and each turret aims at the mouse.

    I have a feeling its the FOR EACH events that are messing it up

    to summarize..

    1. the objects dont seem to destroy at the start.

    2. the FOR each doesnt seem to be behaving correctly for the turrets.

    3. I had to set the rotations frames to 11.25+1 because 11.25 didnt work right.. and 360 / 32 = 11.25

    Would be very grateful for some furtther info and advice for correct execution.. I didn{t put the tank in a container because I want the turrets to be destroyable seperately from the tank body.

    cap file

    event list

    Thanks as always...

  • I fixed your cap , if this is what you are looking for then take a real good look at the changes I made . You do not need any of the For Each events !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The trick here is CONTAINER

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  • Thankyou sir! - its very close, I had the tank turret set to show the correct isometric angle in the same way the tank body does, but that was easy to change

    however, as I wanted the turrets to be destroyed seperately from the tank body, container doesnt really serve the purpose.. I guess I could set it to invisible though..

    start of layout : destroy is not working for some reason.. it works when all other events are disabled though..

    I would be grateful of any further advice!!

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