Animation troubles!

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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm having a few issues with animations

    Whenever I have an animation that is supposed to play once, it gets stuck on the last frame instead of simply ending. I unchecked the loop checkbox and the animation is set not to repeat. So far I've fixed this with additional events but it's causing problems and cluttering up the event layout.

    The second and biggest problem I'm having is that animations are finishing prematurely. I'm using the platform movement behavior and it seems to happen when my character is accelerating in speed (it doesn't happen while the character is standing still or moving at full speed).

    Also, is there a way to preview your animations somewhere?

    thanks in advance!

  • I tried lowering the speed of the animation to see what is happening and it looks like it's skipping frames, only playing the 2, 3 last frames.

    Is anyone having this problem? should i upload an example?

  • That is quite odd... i can't think of anything that would cause this, but i haven't really used animations that much.

    An example would be good.

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  • Thanks for replying! I uploaded the example here:

  • I have an almost identical problem. All my animations work great except the attack, which doesn't show correctly no matter what values I choose. I hope someone can point us both in the right direction

  • Sometimes I have same problem with frame skiping on attack animation too, but it happens on rare occasions.

    About stucking animation - try use "animation finished" or "animation is [NOT] playing" events to reset to default animation.

  • yeah, i've used that to fix animations, it would be nice if construct would finish the animations on it's own, though.

    The frame skipping just shouldn't happen. I suppose it could be fixed by tying the animation to a value, but it would suck to have to make all these workarounds for every added character..

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