Alternative Ball behavior

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  • Thanks for this infomation about using sprite object to replace box object to make a boundary.

    Another question, where to use box object?

    In your cap, when black sprite idle(no keyboard pressed), it

    had not been push when ball sprite hit it. It looks like a wall to block the ball. How to do that?

    In my cap, the black sprite will be push back until ouside the window. I see the position x of black sprite is less then 0 in debug mode.

    If black sprite will not move whe ball hit it, it will not been push ouside the window. That is a good solution.

    1, You could still use the box objects for the walls and floor, but you need to fill it with a colour (untick its 'use' transparent attribute for the fill colour)

    2, To stop the black sprite moving when the ball collides : Give the black sprite a 'solid' attribute (tick the box that makes it solid)

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