Is there a 3D Action Adventure Kit for construct?

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  • Just wondering if there is something like this 3D Action Adventure Kit that torque has to help someone create a game like this more easily within construct? Here is the link...

  • Construct is the kit! <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    All kidding aside... your best bet is to use a tutorial or example .cap for the game you are interested in and go from there. Some folks are making game building frameworks for various types of games in Construct so you can always asked for a specific type. However, they wont quite be like the kits on that site.

  • they are charging $300 for that kit alone it's crazy! I don't have torque but I was considering trying it out, but not if I will have to buy each kit in order to have game specific features built in...! That is where Construct and MMF2 I realize are way better! The only thing is if someone out there could create a game to give to the community with decent graphics and the specific game mechanics built in like the Adventure game on torque, SO MANY people would benefit if there was! hint hint anyone out there with enough smarts and ability to pull it off~?! If your out there the Constructor Community is rooting for you! :)

    Well I can only hope I guess!

  • Bud, let me tell you a little something. If you think people are just going to run around giving you completed games for you to salvage, you are in the wrong biz.

    As scidave said, your best bet is to look at tutorials and .caps (Source codes basically). A project I've been working on for a while (And have started over several times) was all started around a single example done by a use on this forum. And if you can't find anything on what you want:

    A. Ask questions about what you want (In pieces)

    B. Figure it out yourself

    C. Give up and try something else.

    Besides, as anyone who messed with game making could probably tell you, snatching "specific game mechanics" is actually bad idea, limits creative freedom. And step one, experiment and put some hard thought into what you really want to make. As for graphics and stuff, you don't need stuff specifically made for construct; if you can't find it, make it

    This is something I'm working on, as you'll notice, it's not even close to being done. Yet, because I know exactly what does what, I know what's missing and how to add to it.

    P.S.: Not giving you the source code for that. But if you

    look a bit, you'll find my inspirations.

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  • The question is, even if there was such a thing, would you know what to do with it?

    Probably not. You would have to dig into caps, and interpret how things work. Then even if the source was adequately commented, you still can't copy from one cap to another.

    On the other hand the forum is littered with a mountain of bits and pieces that are usually explained, and free to use, since nobody here is going to charge for an idea.

  • Thank you everyone, I appreciate the advice and the links and I wouldn't want anyone elses source code. It's nice if you have the basic mechanics set up to build a game from, but that second link Yarf sent will do just fine after looking it over, thanks again!

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