How do i start making plugs>? >_<

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  • You can't learn C++, or any programming language, or anything, in 21 days...

    of course not. but it's like the ghost shooter tutorial, it lets you dive in and get a good overview of the basics, and a basic grasp of a wide array of concepts. from there you can delve deeper into that which is unclear, or that which interests you most. it isn't so much the speed of the book, it's the conciseness. I suppose it depends on the learner, but I find learning programming more enjoyable when I first see the whole picture, and then I lean in for a closer look from there, rather than getting tiny pieces of the picture exposed, while being blind to the rest. especially since at the time I decided to really learn c++ was to start making plugins for construct. i think it's a much more fun learning platform than the text console

    but ashley's right, definitely don't go into it trying to learn it as fast as possible. learn it as thoroughly as possible.

  • I'm kinda surprised no ones made a plug out of this yet:

    Sure its easily replicated by events, but just like the Ghost Shooter tut, a finished product is quite useful.

    Anyway, good luck.

    Now I've finally got the ATL files I'm starting on that WIKI tut now. Fingers - and everything else - crossed

  • [quote:35agt5vk]Well all the files downloaded correctly, then when its installing it gets up to a certain point, but eventually just crashes, windows says the program has stopped working, and the installer shows a failure on all the installation because .net messed up (after it had said it worked)

    Does it give you the option to not install .NET? If you can do that and try again.

    Or you can try installing .net separately first.

  • Now I know that MS really wants to irritate their customers.

    I remembered from my prevoius experience of installing VC#, that it was not possible to install it in any other drive other than the system drive(C:), googled for it and found that you really CANNOT install it in any other drive. And since my C: drive has just 1.6GB of space left I think I should foget about making plugs till C2 or wait for a system format.

    Here's a MSDN blog stating the reasons why you can't install it on any other drive- ... space.aspx

    I didn't bother to read it

  • If I remember correctly Dreamspark works up here in Canada Land. You can get the full visual studio from there for free. You should try that to see if it works.

  • Windows Driver Kit Version 7.1.0 is the download needed for ATL etc to build plugins right? I think they changed the name and it was something else before.

    Since it's a 619.8MB download i figured i would ask first

  • Nobody knows?

    It's odd how the actual SDK is such a low filesize but then a 619.8MB download is needed to run it. Ah well, i guess i will just have to download and test it then.

    Since my download speed is not the best i just hope this is the right thing though...

  • This is the SDK to get:

    Windows? Server 2003 SP1 Platform SDK Web Install

    When it gets to the point to choose what to install unselect everything.

    Then only select:

    Microsoft Windows Core SDK->Build Environment->Build Environment(x86 32-bit)

    That will give you the atl and mfc libraries and reduce the download size to about 20 mb or so.

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  • I read the one i found had replaced the older library and has the atl and mfc libraries after a search online, i did not get it just yet so i will get the one you post though. Thanks

  • I never got this working, i got the x86 version but the exe fails to run for some reason.

    I really like C2 and can make javascript plugins without problems but also want to make some Construct 1 plugins. Do you know if there is other installers to get the needed library's for the SDK? i want to avoid having to get the full version if i can because that is like 1GB or something.

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