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  • Hi, I noticed that with the Construct Classic Source Code that the runtime sdk is included however, I can seem to figure out how to compile the python runtimes for an examples DX9_ps or App_ps

    You know the ones for the python scripting runtimes. Can someone help me figure out how to compile it or is it not included?

    Thank you,

    My name is Samual by the way.

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  • Hi,

    Python runtimes are built by uncommenting

    //#define PYTHON

    in StdAfx.h and building like normal. Then just rename the built runtimes to have "s" in there filename.

  • ok I understand thank you so much

  • Hi, I uncommented the Define Python and now I get an error that says python.h can not be found so I downloaded Python 3.2.2 source code and added the include and libs and now I get 7 errors in the System.cpp file. Can you please send me the python files I need to compile the python runtimes?

    I would really appreciate it or at least tell me which python source I need.

    Thanks you in advance,


  • Hi some of the errors I get are

    System.cpp(4221) : error C3861: 'PyInt_Check': identifier not found

    1>.\System.cpp(4223) : error C3861: 'PyInt_AS_LONG': identifier not found

    1>.\System.cpp(4236) : error C3861: 'PyString_Check': identifier not found

    1>.\System.cpp(4239) : error C3861: 'PyString_AS_STRING': identifier not found

    1>.\System.cpp(5034) : error C3861: 'Py_InitModule': identifier not found

    1>.\System.cpp(5510) : error C3861: 'PyString_Check': identifier not found

    1>.\System.cpp(5513) : error C3861: 'PyString_AsString': identifier not found

    Please help me resolve this. I'm using Visual Studio 2008

  • You need Python 2.6 or 2.7. I don't think you need the source code, the standard python install has the include files needed.

  • Hi Ok thanks I'll try to install python 2.7

  • Hi I compile with python26 and compile the DX9_s and when I compile my project it says failed to load plugin? Any help would be appreciated.


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