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  • Dynamic Path Movement - OK so path movement sucks becuase it just follows a single path... but how about dynamic path movement? Draw your path(s), with intersections and all... and the object follwing the path will randomly choose which part of the path to take! This would be awesome for example say, enemies that could go along several corridors in a top down shooter game, but you want an element of random choices instead of knowing exactly where the enemy will go each time... or cars being able to pick which road they want to drive on. Turn here or go straight?

    Can I second this request? Except make the path it chooses A*, not random. With events, you could change the weight of nodes for pathfinding, which would be able to mimic the random pathfinding behavior he requested.

  • 1) Patrolling Behavior - This'd be something very standard you'd use in any 2d platformer for enemies or NPCs.

    It should just set the sprite to go from x, y to x, y over a certain amount of time. It'd also be nice if we'd have a 'wait at x, y' value (so an enemy would go patrolling, stop to look around and go on patrolling again).

    2) Effects:

    a) Animated Film Grain for a certain layer. To give everything an interesting effect. Just a slight film grain layer that'd work on certain layers. So you'd have film grain in the bg and over the sprites, but not over the HUD.

    b) Light Flicker / Glow: Could be added to Lights or generally sprites - random flicker behavior that'd basically set a random value on the opacity of an object which an adjustable frequency, so we could create interesting lighting effects. Also, an added glow effect would be neat. So we could have a light and a glow on top of it, the light would be animated through the flicker and the glow would be animated through a randomizer to make a simple light feel a lot more atmospheric.

  • I'd like to see a object that allows you recolor a sprite's pallette. Like in the Megaman games.

    CameraPlane - The object would allow "3D" camera rotations in 2D games. Examples can be see in the 2D Tales of games.

  • I'd like to see a object that allows you recolor a sprite's pallette. Like in the Megaman games.

    How would that differ from the existing colour filter?

  • How would that differ from the existing colour filter?

    In MegaMan, only certain parts of MegaMan are recolored. Using color filters would change the color of the whole sprite. Of course, you could always split the sprite up into two sprites: one that doesn't get a color filter, and one that does.

  • Using mulitple sprites would be just too much. Having 8 sprites in different colors all using the same actions.

    Anyways, I'm talking about a object that would let you do this with just one sprites and not multiple.

    <img src="http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h53/Sodisna/MMXExample.png">

  • How would it work in practise?

  • Work in practice? Meaning, how would in work in game?

    I'm not really sure. In MMF, you can change the a pixel of color.

    <img src="http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h53/Sodisna/Untitled-2.png">

    So, any colors in the entire sprite (sprite's animation too) that has those colors would get changed. That have that the match the RGB colors.

    The first 3 blues are:

    109, 213, 238

    69, 151, 238

    18, 77, 168

    Any color pixels (with exact color values) within that sprite would get changed.

    If there's a color pixel that has 109, 213, 239, it would get changed. Only the match color values would get changed.

  • Can't you do that with a mask and a shader?

  • Can't you do that with a mask and a shader?

    I suppose you could, but that's kind of overkill :/

  • I should also note that a palette "cycle" (having the entire palette different shades of the same colour in order, then have them cycle to create an animated effect on the sprite) also makes a good and striking effect when you want to show that something is happening to the sprite. I advocate a pallete thingy.

  • Can we also post a transition request here? Wouldn't it be cool to have a 'fade through black' effect? This effect is heavily used in film or cinematics, where one shot fades to black and the black fades to the new scene (layout in our case) - Right now, you'd have to fake that through a completely black layout that then immediately fades to the next layout, which is kinda funky. Would be cool to have and should be easy enough to pull off I guess

    And while we're at it, why just constraining it to black? The transition should be able to fade through any color we set.

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  • Can't you do that with a mask and a shader?

    Care to elaborate?

  • A way to make multiple pages...so you can make as many layouts as you want with an easy way to make them link to each other...I'm not sure if that made too much sense...

    In case it didnt i will try to simplify...

    make one layout editor page...

    click a button and it makes a second blank page...and another button that opens a wizard that gives multiple options as to how it will link the other page and how it will activate...i know that you can do all of this already but simple click buttons that do the work would be really nice...

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