Zelevation feature request.

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  • Oh, that... yes that is in the changelog. I'm not sure how that would help, but I'm a bit lost in this thread

    As for what orthogonal view does, it is still a 3d view, it's just that all perspective information is reduced to a 2d plane, so far away objects appear at the same size as their close-up counterparts.

    And yes, that three-quarter isometric style is a type of orthogonal view, but since Quazi is faking the 3d space by doing his own depth sorting on 2d sprites then, again, I'm not sure if or how an orthogonal camera would help.

  • Cool.

    Yeah Im not sure how perspective will play out, if Rojo left that in there, but as long as the view is straight on it should work for what Quasi was doing.

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  • its 3d shapes sorted in with the sprites, and the way i set it up, it makes iso sorting a lot simpler, you wouldn't have to fiddle with all the stuff you normally would doing iso sorting with odd shapes

    its just way easier to use the z buffer than to use the old send to back send to front stuff.

  • its 3d shapes sorted in with the sprites

    Oh, those are 3d boxes and stuff? Okay then . At first glance I thought it was all pixel art, I was fooled by the pixelly edges.

  • yea they're made of distort maps

  • I told him to make an isometric piggy platformer with this engine.. but he doesn't want to. It's a shame.

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