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  • The links in the first post don't work.

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  • The links in the first post don't work.

    They seem to work fine for me? Are you still having problems? Maybe I can re-host them if needed.


  • It would be desirable to have fuller manual of S-plugin if it is possible.

  • hi grestord. I agree. There are a number of other improvements to S I'd like to make, aside from documentation. Since I wrote 's' I've learned alot, and I think I could make something much more accessible the second time around.

    Unfortunately at the moment working fulltime on Spriter so I won't have time to work on any side projects like this for the time being. If you have any specific questions though, I or one of the other S users may be able to help you.

  • Is it possible to sort things in S? Specifically, I have the following setup:

    {"SuperArray","SubSuperArray","NumberArray"} and each "NumberArray" has 2 values. I want to take the second one of those values (at index 1) and use it to sort the various NumberArrays. Is that possible without writing some sort of sorting algorithm and a separate structure to hold the values? (I want to basically access value 1 in each NumberArray" in the order determined by value 2)

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