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  • One thing I've noticed about Construct is a lack of explanation about what anything does. While most things are self-explanatory after you've used them once, there are certain features that aren't so obvious. What I'd like to see is a help button that gives a small blurb about whatever you click on does, and anything that's interesting or not immediately apparent. (You can move sprite hotspots with the keypad?!) It could be placed in the upper-right corner next to the About button, and placed in a similar location.

    Yes, there is a "help" button already in Construct. However, the first place to find information about Construct should be Construct. The wiki and forums, great as they are, are on the internet and therefore not available when the internet goes kaput.

  • It'd be nice to have some offline help, yes. Perhaps when the wiki documentation gets better, a .chm file could be compiled from it. I don't know about a full-on interactive help thingy like you described though, seems like a pretty tall order.

  • and therefore not available when the internet goes kaput.

    It's true. We should all be prepared for Z-day.

  • That's a good idea, but would require a lot of UI changes. I think we might leave it till Construct 2...

  • Fair enough. I didn't know one button could be so much of a hassle, but then again I haven't looked at the source code for Construct yet. And Construct 2? How can Construct get any more awesome than it already is?

  • Help buttons would be one way it could be better

  • I don't think the button is the problem, it's the mammoth manual you have to write for it?

    or maybe it is, too. I'm not familiar with the codebase.

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  • I don't think the button is the problem

    No, a single help button I imagine would be pretty easy to do, which is why I suggested making a .chm file once the documentation is complete.

    What the OP is asking for is a context-style help system, like where you right-click on an element in the UI and select "What is this?" and it shows a help bubble or takes you to a specific part of a help file. That would be a bit of a pain to code, I think. Easier just to have offline documentation that you can peruse at your leisure, even if it's a separate download.

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