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  • P.S. ALso there is no protection that noone could hack

    Unless its Online game.

  • No method is unhackable. Good crackers can modify the code inside your local copy of the EXE to bypass validation entirely (online or offline), for example. All you can do is make it more difficult. Think of a version of your program written with no validation at all, then think of a cracker working to make your validated app look like that. (Also, it's not too hard to locate particular strings eg. your personal details in an EXE with a hex editor, so unless you used encryption that's easily subverted too).

    Settle on something simple enough that you don't waste days on it, but keeps script kiddies off your back, IMO. Also remember, the more popular your application, the more likely expert crackers will give it a shot. Small scale apps probably don't need hardcore protection - but that's not to say someone's not going to pwn it anyway.

  • [quote:31njt8sa]Also remember, the more popular your application, the more likely expert crackers will give it a shot.

    This. If you've made a commercial game that's popular enough to be widely pirated, you should consider it an honor. Crackers don't bother with unpopular software.

    And if it gets to the point, you will be making plenty of money from all of the non-pirates who buy it, anyway.

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  • Is this what you want?

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  • Its better to just release a demo instead of a trial...

  • Lots of ok ideas but Ashley is right. My suggestion would be to just remove some values in the game and distribute that as trial or demo...then if receive payment they can download full version.

    So you basically have two crippled by way of removing cool extra-value features and one full function EXTRA COOL features that they just got to get.

    Cant hack what isnt there...well most cant...I

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