Question about future gamepad support.

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  • Will it have dual analog support?

    A while back, I was going to make a game like Geometry Wars, however I was never able to finish it because, well, let me explain.

    I used to use Multimedia Fusion, I still do occasionally but not as much. One thing I hated about using MMF is that while it had an "analog joystick object," from what I tried, there was no way to make it recognize all the axes. It only recognized 3 preset axes (1 or 2 of which didn't even seem to work) and I wasn't able to get it to work with any of the dual analog controllers I tried it on. I managed to get one stick working but I was only able to do some slight horizontal movement and nothing else (if I remember correctly).

    That pretty much killed my project right there. My only other option was to try to learn BASIC and maybe code it in BlitzBasic (or some other program/language that would allow me to do what I had planned) but I'm very bad at coding. I'm a visual type of person. I like seeing menus and things I can click on, it's much easier for me.

    I see a lot of potential in this project. More so than I do with MMF, which hardly ever changes much between each new version. MMF2, as far I know, still has the same issues with analog support as MMF1.

    Anyway, about the gamepad support you're going to add.

    Please make sure it can recognize both analog sticks as well as extra buttons, etc. I hate being limited to only a set amount of things that a game creation tool is programmed to display, whether its only 4 buttons or whatever.

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  • When we get round to gamepad support, I'll try to make sure we cover all the gamepads out there - but remember, not everyone has one, I know I don't, so I think you should always code an alternative control system for your game too!

  • Yeah, that's a good idea. I think the PC version of Geometry Wars has that option too by the way. But in games like GW, nothing beats the feel of using two analog sticks (one for moving and one for aim/shooting). It would be nice to use that nice, smooth, control scheme in other games.

    Of coarse, I'd be sure to add keyboard and mouse support as well if I ever make a game like this. I'd be crazy not to.

    Edit: Also, one thing. I noticed that a lot of games do this to ensure that they are compatible with anything. What they do is, you select the action/function you want to assign (jump, move up, down, etc.) and then you hit enter and it asks you to press anything, it then remembers whatever you just pressed and uses that for the action/function.

    For example, in the options menu for Geometry Wars on the PC, to configure vertical movement for the left stick, you just highlight and select "Move Up/Down" then tilt the left stick either up or down and it assigns the appropriate axis.

    If something like this can be done with Construct, I think that would be ideal.

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