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  • 2 question here;

    -first i guess python is still broken in build 98?

    • is python is construt pure python or binding with pygame possible?

    i start to explore python on my side and man i love it. i wanted to push a bit in construct but i stalled on error... so i'm making my own experimentation aside.

    please repair it

  • it's just python..but you could use pygame, but that's not very good, i think pygame would not mesh with the construct's engine,pygame has its own way of builidng its layout and drawing and all.

    python is still broken,that's a littale sad, i also hope it gets fixed

  • Yeah, we're hoping to get python working again by 1.0.

  • Yay.. I almost thought it won't be supported anymore

  • Next build we'll try to have the python issues resolved. They are actually really simple!

    Basically when you export your exe, you choose which python files you want to include. However, this list is also used in the preview, so it would probably make more sense to have the 'choose python files' appear in application properties or something rather than the exe export wizard. If you click the select all button, all the python modules that came with the standard python install are included with your exe so people shouldn't need python installed to be able to run your exe.

    Originally I thought python would just be used for simple stuff like moving an object and calling construct functions, but instead people are using python to access all the libraries to add further functionality into their games. So I think I'll change it so all the modules are included by default when you use python ( i think its like a few extra mbs ).

    I'll keep ya posted

  • What about non official modules?

    This is all kind of confusing, I think it's been stated that any of the drawing commands would not be compatable, this I get, plus the fact that most of those rely heavily on open Gl.

    Then again there are a ton of Py modules that are made for the maths.

  • I think they would be compatable...but probably not compatable with the construct window...

    So if you used PyOrge for example, it would render the 3d to another window instead of the construct runtime window. But if you were crafty you could hide the Construct window.

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  • Python is a "batteries included" language, people are going to want to import all of the rich standard and third party libraries out there.

    I know with OpenGL you can have multiple libraries which write to the same OpenGL context. This allows for interesting libraries like Rabbyt; it can be used with pyglet OR an OpenGL-enabled pygame surface to do fast sprite rendering. I haven't tried it, but it might be possible to do even stranger stuff, like combine PythonOgre (using OpenGL) and Rabbyt so you can use Rabbyt for 2d sprite /environment rendering but use PythonOgre for GUI, post-effects, etc..

    I have no idea if this is also achievable in DirectX. If it is, I could see how you could get other Python libs to do drawing, but I honestly don't see much of a point because Construct gives you just about everything you would want render-wise out-of-the-box.

  • I dunno, I find the idea of using OGRE via Python bindings rather interesting...

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