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  • A couple of improvements that would make life much easier for writing Python code in the script editor:

    1. Bug when you cut and paste a line of text over into the editor. It appears fine, but when you close out the editor you see weird indentation in the code. You have to go back in and manually fix offset.

    2. Allow people to use "Tab" for indentation as an option instead of three spaces.

    3. This is the biggest one. Put some type of intellisense or syntax hint for code. For example, if I want to popup a messagebox I type System.MessageBox and at that point have no idea how many parameters it takes. Even if I go back and look at the format of the event (which is what I am doing) I still have to guess at the formatting of the 5 parameters. For example, the first two are obviously strings, but the next two are selected from a dropdown list. After some trial and error I got it to work, but that shouldn't be necessary.

    4. Also, please add a feature to allow somebody to select all .pyc when building executables, or optionally select all .pyc under a directory.


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