Do you use Python in Construct?

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  • hey arsonide

    btw, I've been using python heavily lately

    I think python gives a little more freedom than a plugin, since you have about the same amount of power and flexibility (at the cost of a little speed)

    but you can cater your programming to your specific cap file

    and also, there's a little more freedom with expirementation

    since you can immediately try out any changes, rather than closing construct, rebuilding the plugin, open construct, opening cap

    thanks again for the perlin noise btw

    also using that in my current project

  • I am new to Construct so I am just getting up to speed, but while making games in Game Maker I used their scripting language in every program.

    As I progress I am trying every way to hold off from using Python because it seem to be broken more than working. That said I would not want to get deep into a game only to find that all my efforts are lost due to another Python outage.

    One of the big claimed advantages Construct has over Game Maker is the scripting language. I really hope Scirra can get this problem solved. It will make a great programming tool even better!

  • I was under the impression that it was fixed.

  • deadeye and Guyon. I believe it is fixed in that it works perfectly fine if you have Python installed on the machine. However, it is not fixed in that it really requires Python to be installed on the end user's system to run flawlessly. At least that is what I found.

    If you try out the hello world example I made, you will see that it runs fine on a system without Python. However, it does have an error message popup on start.

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  • Yep, right after I posted that I got into chat and David said that he might have it sorted for a future build. I wasn't aware that vanilla Python needed an install, I thought that was just for libraries.

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