Proposal: Official construct Showreel

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  • Hi! <img src="">

    Does anyone else have examples for the Construct showreel?

    Or may be someone is still making it?

    The fact is that I'm leaving in June for the summer <img src=""> and will not be able to develop the video, so I want to make a demo version of the showreel until the end of May. If you currently have good examples of the program features - post them here. I will choose the best ones and insert them in the video.

    May be you won't like my version of the showreel <img src="">, then in Jule another person will develop it.

  • Hey, I've an audio production company Grandbrother / - I use Construct pretty much every day, would be happy to write some music for this showreel if you like.

    Let me know,


    I did a quick run through of the "post-your-screenshots" thread and it seemed like most people here are using a 4:3 aspect ratio. I personally prefer to do vids at 1280x720 but don't really care either way, majority should dictate.

    Also here's another site with really cheap royalty free music:

    The final music should probably be decided on once all the clips have been chosen. If the majority of them are bubbly rainbow coloured sidescrollers then slapping on a serious sounding classical track may not be the most fitting. I do agree though that none of the crap you hear on the radio should be used.

  • <img src="">


    On this forum there are many great and interesting games that could be shown in the showreel to promote Construct. But alas the authors of these works had not shown any activity and not submited their game in the Showreel Submission thread.. <img src="">

    So the showreel was made mostly from my games and my friends' games. I also want to thank Quazi and Newt for the material. <img src="">

    Here is our version of the Scirra Construct showreel: link to

    All games shown in the video are made exceptionally in Scirra Construct. <img src="">

    Authors: 3D graphics and Design by Mary & Alex . Video Editing by Alex. Music and Sound Design by Denis Orlov.

    Please, write your comments and what you think! <img src="">

  • WOW!!! That looks absolutely stunning! Really, really nice job.

  • Very, very nice. You should add into the description the scirra website URL and so on.

  • That's pretty awesome, MJ! Some definite gems there that i'm seeing for the first time.

    Great job!

  • Hey, picture my thumbs. Got 'em? Now twist 'em upward. That's how they are.

    Great job

  • Amazing job, you really have a gift for creating presentations, it was beautifully done.

  • Ah, beauty

    <img src="">

  • Wow.. that was just.... wow... AMAZING! Well done!

  • pure awesomeness well...actually, is this the final version??, or somebody will make other versions of it??

    I had some demos but didn't realize when the deadline passed

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  • Great job, this will definitely sell Construct to those fools who don't use it yet

    The motion graphics were awesome too. Some very talented people in this neck of the woods.

  • Thank you very much! I'm very excited that you liked our work. <img src="">

    You should add into the description the scirra website URL and so on.

    well...actually, is this the final version??, or somebody will make other versions of it??

    I'm waiting for a reply from Ashley, I need to know whether he liked the video. If not - I delete it from YouTube and in Jule another person will make the showreel. If Ashley like the video - I'll write a description and add the Scirra site url. Also if need I can post video in MPEG format for download.

  • I would personally LOVE to have the video in MPEG format. If you gave permission it would be awesome to use bits of it for a intro scene to a Construct game.

    At some point in the future when I have built a game worthy enough to use...

  • wow, mary jane

    you are insanely talented.

    how old are you again?

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