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  • Ah, I see. On the todo list.

  • Wow, that would be awsome! Just imagine a family "Affected by wind" where you put everything that's light enough to blow away. Then you just set the force of grup to whatever is right for the moment,diffrent for each level, or even change it at runtime! Everything like ash, leaves, snow, dust, feathers, smoke, ARROWS etc. will be affected! KICKASS!!! That matches perfectly for my big project i plan for v1,0! The guy will be able to set the wind with a spell!

    I l��v construct!

  • Any way to change World Solver and World Friction at runtime? Would be helpful to a user whose has a slower computer.

    Would it also be possible to change World Gravity/ X scale/ Y scale and toggle Immovable and No Rotation at runtime?

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  • Wow, that would be awsome!

    Well, I wouldn't know if Ashley's "on the todo list" was actually inherent to:

    [quote:2axoax24]there should be a "None" option under the Collision Mask property for physics objects.

    or this:

    [quote:2axoax24]A physics platform would be great!

    or this:

    [quote:2axoax24]would be a very powerful feature to have the capability of having 2 movements on the same time, so that you could integrate physics to any movement

    Let's wait news from Mr. Construct <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" />

  • I was going to add "None" as a physics collision mask. Things like a Physics Platform Movement would be great as a separate movement, but probably requires changes to the engine (otherwise every plugin/movement using the physics engine compiles to ~500kb).

    I'll try and add those runtime controls, but some (like World X/Y scale) are difficult to change at runtime because you have to destroy and recreate the physics world. Also, games should be using the fastest settings for physics anyway, setting it higher is only going to serve to waste CPU time.

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