Perfect Collision mask for physics?

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  • I don't think any physics engine has pixel perfect collision.

  • Well I suppose that's true Ashley but I think the term is relative - a lot more can be done with even a rough polygonal approximation of the shape the pixels make than can be done with a bounding box, for obvious reasons. It's basically our idea of 'perfect'.

  • Found one.


    It apparently has a method of converting a bitmap into polygons used for physics.

  • Found one.


    It apparently has a method of converting a bitmap into polygons used for physics.

    Hmm i think you are right judging by demo video and source it have shapes like:








    Yeah the last is creating polygon for certain bitmap but im afraid it doesnt concern animation or even if it would be slowing cpu/gpu too much.

  • Good point, didn't think about animations. Don't know how fast the conversion process is - it might be possible for it to do it in real-time, but I guess there's no way to tell unless someone tries it (or emails the developer).

  • Well... believing to the comments of youtube

    qvadi:"But that works fast... I applied Newton for 2D physics in my game and doesn't work fast as this engine.

    Good work!"

    If its faster than Newton2D then it should be faster than NGD (our physics engine which is originaly for 3d ) then it would be still good for applying this quicker engine to the Construct.

  • It does look like a nice engine. And the source code is there, but it's C#. Isn't C# and C++ like, way different? How easy would it be for someone to make a plugin based off this source?

  • If it's C#, impossible

  • Drat.

  • I don't quite understand. Couldn't you just remove the transparency portion of an object from being counted as a part of the object ?

    In The Games Factory, the Transparent part of the animations does not count toward collisions.

    Or maybe I'm getting it wrong ... can transparency be excluded normally but just not within the Physics system ? .. If collisions are boxed-based in Construct, with no way around it, then that totally ruins it for me.

    I absolutely Need a good collisions detection system.

  • Of course it can detect collisions per pixel. It's just the physics engine that only supports a box or an ellipse.

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  • I'm still all for polygon-based collision, defined by the user. Number of sides, diameter, and hotspot. Would be nice to see it added as part of the image editor. But I dream...

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