Path Movement Behavior

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  • It just made a great plugin AMAZING! WOW

  • Just downloaded the plugin and it works really good, but I was wondering is there anyway to make more then one path for an object? I want to use this in create a curved path for a bird that flies from tree to tree and since the trees are going to placed differently throughout a level, I'm going to need a different path regularly.

  • There is a way to save and load paths.

    R0J0hound: This plugin is immensely useful! Though I can think of a few features that would make it even more useful, if you are willing to bash your head against the keyboard some more.

    • acceleration/deceleration at waypoints (based on sharpness of the corner, basically the angle difference, if it is straight - 180 degrees - don't decelerate at all, etc.)
    • a way to tell when a waypoint has been reached (so we can stop, continue manually or play a specific animation)

    Actually, is it possible to retrieve the next waypoint? Were that possible, the above could be done manually.

  • Maybe some sort of slight ease in/ease out for the curves to compensate.

    If the rate of ease in/ease out was linked to the severity of the curve, I think it would work quite well.

    - acceleration/deceleration at waypoints (based on sharpness of the corner, basically the angle difference, if it is straight - 180 degrees - don't decelerate at all, etc.)

    Spot the difference!


  • Oh.

  • Great minds think alike and all that!

  • Ok a little bug

    If you Reverse the path then change its velocity it will automatically go back to normal movement.

    Not a big deal as the workaround is to just add another reverse after that.

    and a suggestion.

    Can I has acceleration, and deceleration for velocity?

  • Just awsome. This was really well needed. Thank you R0J0hound, you're really helping gonstruct forward.

  • This is good stuff and should be native in Construct.

  • Just want to say how great this behaviour is.

    I've only just found out that a new version was available, and I can't believe how much you improved it since the last version I downloaded (which was probably the first version).

    Excellent work Rojo.

    A 1001 thanks!

    And I agree.

    This should be part of Construct.


  • Thank you so much.

  • Another request on this behavior.

    You have conditions to compare distance on the path, but its only returning that value down to its decimal.

    Would it be possible to get that value returned as an int?

  • Excellent behaviour !

    Thank you and keep it going

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  • New Version:

    Path Movement 1.4


    After a short coding sprint here is a new version. I am now shortening the version number from 1.40 to 1.4, as there aren't any subversions. The major addition here is "acceleration" which allows for easing in and out with minimal events.

    New Features/Changes:

    + Added set/get speed (direction of motion is preserved)
    + Added Acceleration.
    + Added option to set location on path to either move the object or just the path under it.
    + Added option to compare path distance by 'floating point' or 'integer.
    + Added compare path distance in range.
    + Added compare path distance from endpoints.[/code:1jzg7mip]
  • Cant wait to try these out!


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