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  • 17) Things are really getting messy now with more complexity. Not being able to organize objects in the objects list and not being able to reshuffle events in the Project Bar is a pain in the nuts. It'd be great if we'd have an organizational layer over all this sorta stuff, so we could organize alphabetically, by type (like in Windows) or custom (so we just reshuffle ourselves).

    Also, it'd be cool if we could also reshuffle the tabs like in Firefox. Another thing that'd be cool is if we could colorize them. So we'd have events for layout 1 in blue and events for layout 2 in another color. Boss events could be red, etc. - improving the user experience in that sorta way goes a long way in being able to create better stuff faster

  • Rearranging and middle click close are done for the next build.

  • Also, as stated more thoroughly in the February update, the next build with have much better organisational settings for objects, and the object bar.

  • Awesome to hear, can't wait to get my hands on it

  • In your February post, you mentioned folders have been implemented for the objects list.

    Can we also get the same thing for the project bar? It'd be cool if we could select a couple of event sheets and group them into a folder - then, "Layout 1" would be one entry that could be rolled out (like in Windows Explorer) to see it's content. If I'm not working on Layout 1, I double click the Folder and it rolls up, hiding it's content again.

    That'd be cool. It's pretty tough right now to organize event sheets cause you can't re-order them in the list and unless you named them exactly right, you won't immediately know which ones they are.

  • This has made me think of something else...

    I've noticed Construct doesn't appear to use global objects unless it has seen them in a layout. What'd be nice is for there to be a way for globals to be accessed without having to use a separate layout for it (perhaps with a 'globals' tab or (fake) layout in the IDE so that they can still be accessed/modified/etc).

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  • 18) Wrapping.

    What that means is: I'm currently adding clouds on a separate layer and I'd love to have them move slightly - so I thought I could give them a bullet movement with a very low value. It'd be cool if we'd also have a 'wrapping' action, so that once the clouds exit on the right of the layout, they'd reappear on the left side of the layout. That way, we could have a constant loop for things that move through the layouts.

  • Sounds like the 'wrap' behavior.

  • I tried that and also thought that was it, but does it work for you?

    I have added 'bullet' and 'wrap' to the clouds object (which is a tiled background) and set wrap to wrap everywhere - But the clouds still just leave the screen on the right and don't reappear on the left side.

    Edit: Oh, okay. I tested it with a black box and it works. But I guess it only starts to wrap when the whole object left on the given side, right? So for my clouds, I just have a huge ass transparent tiled background and wanted Construct to show the pixels that leave on the screen to the right immediately on the left side of the scene. As it is now, the whole clouds object must leave the screen on the right before it reappears on the left.

    It'd be very cool if we'd have this as an added feature - as soon as the pixels leave the screen on the right, they reappear on the left side.

  • 19) Is there a way to toggle layouts? Like, say I wanna let someone playtest only level 2 of my game - As it seems, right now I'd have to delete the first layout completely and create the exe with the game starting at layout 2 - is that correct? That's quite a biggie.

  • Run layout in the project tab?

  • 20) Would it be possible to add more control to some behaviors? Like, I have a big Sun-like object in the background and would love to give it some motion so that it's not just stuck up there. So I thought I"d give it a very slight rotate (behavior), but even at Speed: 1 it's too fast to be believable. It should be something like .3 or so.

  • Run layout in the project tab?

    Yeah, that works, but only if I have Construct running and only if I have the cap and all the resources. Now, what if I have to send the exe to someone else to test it? If I export to exe, there's no way of specifying what events it'll run, so I'd have to change the project itself in order to export the exe with just the second level of the game.

  • 21) Another thing that'd be really awesome to have:

    Say I'm working on a 2d platformer and I have some layers with parallax scrolling to give the game more depth. So I also want to put a couple of bigger trees in the foreground. When I move the character directly behind those trees, I can't see the character anymore - so that's the problem.

    Say, one of the sceneries is that the character runs through woods and is being attacked by enemies. It'd be really cool if we could have an effect or whatever where the engine would detect this event like:

    "if sprite is covered up by something else, start drawing an outline that's visible through everything"

    That should work for whatever sprites we throw this effect on - it should draw the outline on the topmost layer, so that you always see what's going on, even if you're completely hidden behind an object. Otherwise, we'd have to completely get rid of foreground objects that could potentially hide the player or enemies, which would kinda suck.

  • 22) Option to include objects set to 'global' when I only run the layout.

    Say I only want to use one audio object and only one keyboard object - If I then 'run layout' (to just test the second level), the objects that were used in a global way won't work anymore. The 'audio' object won't play music and the controls set for the keyboard object won't work. Yikes!

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