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  • nominated! Best Project and best tool for developers. voted before reading this, or id have included gamers and multimedia... ah well

    same here

  • I voted(or whatever). Don't remember what categories, but I did.

  • Done. Construct must win

  • Nominated for Gamer and Developer categories. As I checked the latest nominations, however, I noticed that there were a couple projects appearing recurrently. After I examined them, they were minor specialized projects that don't fill all those categories, which leads me to believe that they are cheating to get the most nominations possible.

    Luckily (at least I would hope I hope so), the jury would review the nominations and only escalate the valid and fair entries. Still, it leaves a bitter feeling to see that people would cheat in things like this with bots and get-your-granny-and-her-cat-with-their-friends-to-vote stuff.

    So, yeah.

  • Nominated as best tool for gamers!

  • Done, got my vote.

  • Well, there might just be way more popular other projects out there. I think it might be a bit of a long shot to try make the top ten, but hey... you never know

  • Always worth a try, even though it's unlikely.

  • [quote:1sw9d4dc]Construct for Best Project for Gamers.

    Comment: Gamers will love making their own games and apps using the Construct IDE. It looks similar to MMF2, but it's free and open source!

    That was me.

    I have a friend who already uses MMF2. I've been trying to get him to try out Construct for a couple months. He says he's waiting for the 1.0 release. Wonder how long that'll be.

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  • [quote:1soorsad]He says he's waiting for the 1.0 release.

    A lot of people say that. It's all good.

  • I guess he's still waiting for Gmail to come out of beta, too?

  • new update give.

  • If any of you have your own sites or other forums where you can (politely) suggest the possibility of nominating Construct, that might be cool

  • Done

  • VOTED!!!

    Congrats to the awesome community support to the all Construct members, moderators and administrators!

    I made some buttons, in 4 different colors to put in forum signs, if you like, feel free to use:

    Green Button (Code):

    [b]Blue Button (Code):[/b]
    [b]Red Button (Code):[/b]
    [b]Purple Button (Code):[/b]
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