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  • Guys, what FPS do you get on this example?



    I'm just using 1 effect (mask for the radar). I AM still using the for eachs to stick the turrets to ships. But its really slow even with just one ship (I get around 90 FPS). Wondering if its just me.

    I suppose I'll re-code it when the pairer plugin is released.

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  • Pressing C did nothing for me but I was getting 73 fps which I guess is good because I have a PoS laptop.

  • Hmm I dont think it should slow down that much that fast though....if you want you could send the cap to me at and I'll have a look over it

  • I only get about 330fps without even spawning anything; that's not very good for my 8800 GT, are you using any blur effects or motion blur? I can't see anything obvious that would slow down the graphics that much.

  • No ash, theres really no effects used at all except the mask effect which i just recently added to make the radar with...

    Sent the link to both you guys just incase Ash wanted to take a look also.

    Hope I haven't made any stupid mistakes. Infact, I probably have... *braces self for ridicule

  • I don't have FRAPS on this laptop... but it ran fine until I spawned like 30 or so ships then it started to slow down. After 50+ ships it was unplayable. This thing only has an 8400M 256Mb graphics chip though.


  • I get around 60 at the start. For every five ships I add it drops by 20fps, so at 20 ships it's running at around 20 fps. Which dips to 13-14 if I start flying around.

  • FPS should be shown in the lower left corner Sol

    Yeah theres definately something fishy going on here... I look forward to the mails from the masters

  • I've sent you an email, I think I've worked it out and its fairly easy to fix And once the pairer object gets released it will be able to support even more ships with turrets!

  • Thanks for checking that out David! I really appriciate it!

    Deleting the debugger text object seemed to sort it out. After that was gone, creating more ships didn't make much impact on the FPS at all! (althought the FPS for me still hangs around 100 when it used to be around 200). I found that deleting the object that masked the radar (with the mask effect on it) and unticking "force own texture" on my HUD layer caused the FPS to rise up nearer 200 again... This may be just my crappy 9550pro being crappy though, and I dont think I can get around the fact that i need to force own texture can i?

    All in all its running tonnes better. I also optimized the turret and engine placement code. I used the idea that it doesn't place the turrets correctly unless the object is onscreen (although i may need to force this when the game goes online, but thats another matter). Now i get a pretty solid good FPS and can create alot of ships.



    (hold C to create minions and make my beautiful radar looks crappy!)

    Let me know what FPS you get (FPS in lower right corner)

    Also, what exactly are batches? Couldn't find anything on the wiki or forum about them.

  • I get 77 fps like last time but when I spawn so much I get lowered down to 40 then 15 XD

    crap computer with 60mhz laptop screen so yeah

  • Runs much better than last time. I don't know how many ships there are, but I can make a bunch before I get down to about 30fps, which is pretty much the playable-unplayable border.

  • I can have about 100-150 ships before it slows down to 30FPS

    crap computer with 60mhz laptop screen so yeah

    I wish I had a monitor that could display 60 million FPS.

  • Lol I never noticed the frame counter before because it was under my task bar hahaha.

    Oh well, this time it didn't drop to below 30fps until I had like 150+ ships on my lappy. The map pretty much looked like a blue brick of dots. Even while flying it steadied at around 24fps.


  • I can have about 100-150 ships before it slows down to 30FPS

    > crap computer with 60mhz laptop screen so yeah


    I wish I had a monitor that could display 60 million FPS.

    *cough* Did I say mhz? I meant hertz XD dont worry Im semi retarded. I wish it was mhz! then maybe I could get 300 fps with a better graphics card. I cant even imagine what that looks like.. It must be sooo smooth!

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