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  • its not really worth taking a look at, its "outdated" as a way of doing something 3d much like my 2 arm IK stuff is an outdated way of doing 2 arm IK, theres easier/better/faster ways of doing the same thing to put it simply.

    if i recall it was just a bunch of 3d boxes being rotated around a mario RPG sprite, now that we have 3D object and 3D mesh distortion it would look much better using those, run faster, and overall work better than with simple 3d boxes.

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  • Um... About Linkman's isometric example before? It only works with 64x32 sized tiles or larger. It will not work with 32x16 tiles, a size I actually want to work with for my game. Back to square one, peeps.

    Edit: You know, for the visual aspect, maybe it would just be easier to have a Tiled plugin. Hell, it would be a sweet plugin for tiles in general.

    Edit2: Huh. Turns out all you need to do is set the grid to 16x8. Huh. Nevermind about the 32x16 tile problem, then.

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