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  • I've used every type of loop very recently in various engines without a hitch; I think it may be your useage .

  • I cope so much better with code now. After I learned a fair amount of Torquescript events feel so limited to me, probably because it gives me a list of things I can do but because I'm implementing Torque in a game with undocumented functions, I find new things every time I make something.

    Hell, I went back and redid my very first project yesterday, and actually halved its filesize.

    Tourque is the biggest hunk of junk Ive ever laid eyes on (at least the 3d engine is) I would COPY AND PASTE CODE from one script to another and it would not work. I close reopen Copy and paste it works fine. Ive implemented code that worked and my teacher did the Same Exact code WORD for WORD and it did not work. Tourque 3D is the single most annoying thing to work with.

    And the other thing with construct is that you can mod the source code pretty easily and make plugins for it if you need something.

  • i dont get why noobs jump to think that python is needed for something complex, they can barely do event based programming and just assume it would be easier to make a game using an even more difficult method. heck they can barely make a custom plat movement and want to make a super epic RPG, gets me so MAD!

    I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to use script

    if you come from a coding background, the event system's logic is very foreign in the beginning, and it might seems like a helper system for newbs. This is especially true if you're used to something like GameMaker, where the visual way of doing things is very cumbersome, limited, and weak, and the scripting language is necessary for anything reasonably interesting

    so I understand why people want to jump straight to script. I was like this in the beginning actually before I understood how powerful the event system is

    that being said, python should be the last thing you learn after you understand the power of the event sheet way of doing things

    if not, you're missing out on a lot of power, and ease of use

    if you can understand how to make everything you're trying to do in events

    and then you want to use scripting anyway, that's when you should use it

    I recommend not using script, if it's because you have no idea how to do something with events.

    you really can do almost anything with them

    ask in help forums how to do something if you think it's difficult or impossible without script

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  • Basically, event sheet system can do everything you want to make in Python. Theoretically.

  • Some things (mainly algorithms and parsing) are going to be easier in Python. Otherwise there's nothing events can't do.

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