Should I learn Construct 99.x or Construct2?

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  • I have downloaded both tools and would love to continue to use 99.x, but it has no support life.

    Contruct2 has a lot of potential but it is still pre alpha.

    So if I learn Construct 99.x will that allow me to easily slide into Construct 2 when it becomes viable? Will many of the commans and events and behaviours be the same?

    I mainly want to make tower defense and space shooter games.

    (do we need another Td? probablynot - but I need to write one)

    (Thanks fellas, construct is pretty awesome)

  • Yes, definitely worth learning construct 99.x

    They will have the same sort of event system and logic.

    C2 will be more stable and extensible

    Also, its still possible to make something in c1. Its just quirky, not broken. Also, some bugs will still be fixed and features added by the community, as ashleys begun opening the svn to other users. Id recommend using c1, and testing c2 along with the rest of us until its ready

    And welcome to scirra

  • Thanks mate.

    If the event system is going to be similiar I'm cool with that.

    ZurtsTD here we come!

  • Yeah, at this point, there's little reason to seriously consider abandoning C0.x when C2 is so limited, and lacking in everything that makes C0.x great.

    Plus, the transition WOULD be easy, because dicking around with the severely limited C2 I was able to jump right in after my several months of messing with C0.x.

    Go for it, I say.

  • I know currently there are no plans for it, but a C0.x to C2 converter would be great.

    i understand if it doesnt happen of course.

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  • I would recommend Construct 99.x. since it currently has more features and plugins and it's in beta rather then alpha

  • Go with C1. There's tons to learn. There's nothing different about C2 really.

  • is C2 Open Source too? If so where can We get the Source?

  • Sadly not gmwannabe, there is probably a source around for when it was open source.

    However, now it is going to be commercial, this is to keep it viable for the developers to continue with it.

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