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  • Sorry to bump this up but I don't want it to be forgottens

    Anyone know a better way to pick the object with the highest height variable that is lower than the player's height? Whilst he's overlapping it that is

  • I think, the hardest part of a isometric game is the vertical distortion and how deal this. Suggestions?

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  • Try changing the zoom levels for ZoomX and ZoomY for your sprites layer...

    ZoomX: 150

    ZoomY: 60

    something like that. Just play with the numbers.

    I tried something freaky yesterday:

    Roatate the canvas 45 degrees, with my zoom suggestion.

    The new grid movement becomes an isometric grid movement

    just rotate your sprite 45 degrees counter-clockwise, and scale in the event sheet to compansate for vertical distortion.

  • the example you posted is looking good! Very good work keep us updated.

  • Yes, I have tried it before. It is simple solution for control, collision and shadow casting. But The "problem" is attaching the sprites to this objects without rescaling those too. Even if you get this done, I think it is quite tedious to edit a scene in construct, because you don�t see the scaling effect until preview. Even the mouse proiection is changed.

    Another quick alternative is to use the "military" projection. We can view this in games like Ultima Online and Nox. The base is a top view. More info here:

    But I would like to know a modular solution for doing any kind of parallel projection

  • Even the mouse proiection is changed.

    This can be solved by using an object with mouse behavior.

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