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  • After reading some news about Starcarft 2's problems with graphic cards, I have made a simple test with contruct . This articles point that the bug is the unlimited frame rate mode. I used Piriform Speccy to see the graphic card's temperature with my game.

    Without running game: 60 �C

    Running at 60 FPS, framerate mode V-Synced: 61 �C

    Running at 546 FPS, framerate mode Unlimited: 80 �C

  • 1st , What's the specs of your gfx card

    2nd, Nvidia or Ati

    3rd ,Model gfx card that you have

    4th ,Cooling solution for your gfx card

    5th ,Is your card overclocked?

    I have a ATI 5970 gfx card with 4096MB GDDR5(4,800Mhz) and my card seems to run all the games

    at 60 degrees with or without vsync enabled.I have the standard air cooling system on my card.My gfx card is overclocked at the moment +500Mhz overclocked.

  • XFX NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra 768 MB

    No modifications and updated drivers.

  • Running at 60 FPS, framerate mode Unlimited: 80 ?C

    first things first, what did you do to run a game in unlimited mode and have only 60fps?

    now, my 9600gt produced some strange high frequency sound when I run construct game in unlimited. i believe the unlimited mode stresses graphic card to its maximum, so I believe these kinds of behavior are normal and nothing to worry about. all in all, unlimited mode should be used only for testing time delta i believe, every released game should use v-sync for best results.


  • Unlimited mode just asks the card to do all calculation as fast as possible, without any limitation. Hardware we use never is fully efficient. Every energy that is not used will be converted to heat. You know this effect from light bulbs, where just a few percent of the energy is converted to light. The more computations per cycle the hotter the graphic chip.

    Normal values for graphic cards range from 38 �C to 90 �C (given that the fan isn't filthy and the silicone paste still draining the heat at maximum efficiency). The more actual cards don't get as hot, because their hardware is more capable.

    My rather old HD 2600 XT runs at 41 �C in 2D (Desktop, Browser, Skype, Gimp, etc.). In 3D the card works between 55 �C and 84 �C, depending on the game/application (it is dependent on the mass of calculations, aka processor load).

    An example with Construct: A clean new Direct-X game (almost nothing to calculate but a white colored 640x480 area)

    in V-Synced 85 fps, 42 �C (processor load around 2%)

    in Unlimited 3600 fps, 80 �C (processor load 99%)

    That's normal values, nothing to be worried about.

    I'm just irritated by your 60 fps in Unlimited mode, because your card obviously is working harder (producing more frames). And if it is working harder, it can't be a driver setting like forcing v-synced.

  • No game should run unlimited, ever. There's just no reason for it.

  • [quote:49bpvqjg]That's normal values, nothing to be worried about.


    [quote:49bpvqjg]I'm just irritated by your 60 fps in Unlimited mode


  • [quote:1amgepgc]hot graphics card

    <img src="">

  • lucid

  • Hmm upon reading this thread, I went and forced vsync on in nVidia properties... haven't had a hard freeze in Starcraft 2 and I've played whole night.

    Not convinced hard freezing problem is completely gone yet... but I hardly find time to play other games.

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  • [quote:3d5jbhcu]hot graphics card

    <img src="">

    nom nom nom nom nom


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