Hello - some question.

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  • I search forum "Your Creations", but I didnt see any game that be finite, I mean complete game with all options and features.

    Please specify titles of complete games in Construct, in web we may find a lots of complete, full featured games made in Game Maker, MMF2...

    What is with Construct? Is too much buggy or something, to complete a game?

  • There are not that many complete titles utilizing Construct, but that is not because Construct is too buggy to facilitate game creation. It's just because the community is relatively small compared to Game Maker or MMF2.

    I suggest checking out TowerClimb. That was made with Construct.

  • Here's a list of construct games though some of them are not complete: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=19406.0

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  • Here are 4 games I have created with Construct.


    They are reasonably polished, and show off Construct's various capabilities. I'm currently working on finishing TowerClimb however, which is my largest and most complex game to date. The alpha version is playable, as Arsonide linked above, but It's a year old and is MUCH less feature complete and polished than it is now. A lot of people still enjoy it nonetheless, which is what made me take it to the next level.

    Also, I would suggest checking out The Iconoclasts by konjak:

    http://www.tigsource.com/2011/03/30/wip ... onoclasts/

    It's a highly impressive example of a gba-style adventure platformer. It's a 2 level demo, but it's polished to perfection.

    Finally, a game made by my brother Quazi and I:

    http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/arca ... atch/3161/

    It is the only polished,full featured 3d game made in Construct. It even has a 3d editor so you can design your own characters. The gameplay is simple but the graphics show you how far you can push Construct into doing 3d though it's insanely powerful event system and sprites alone(no 3d box or 3d model plugins).

    And yea, the community is very small. Tiny even.

  • Talbot's Odyssey, while it may not be finished, is pretty complete last time I checked it.

  • I made a little game here

    Its nothing fancy, but I consider it complete. It has Game Manual in form of a .exe so you can find your way around the game. Someone said he felt it was the most complete game to date. XD

    ^ Another Game, but this one is quite simple, but done. You have to take a piss! I suggest you try out the first link though.

    And I am sure that alot of people are working on some seriously nifty stuff at the moment, it just takes time to get everything bugfree, polished and then released. Keep it up, guys.

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