Hardware accelerated physics?

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  • > Well go buy an Ati card and find a second hand aegia physx card... only costs three times the amount and runs slower, but if you really don't like nvidia that much, it's an option?



    I don't think they make 'em anymore, support is probably non-existent.

    I have an ATI

    And I'd rather have OpenCL physics

    if Physx does an OpenCL implementation and goes head-to-head against Havok, all will be good. No monopolies, consumers win.

    Monopolies can be good as long as the product is superior... unlike Microsoft. PhysX is extermely good, very scalable, high powered, and easy to implement... In fact, PhysX is probably easier than OpenCL for physics motion anyway. :/


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  • Monopolies mean the product cannot be superior as there is nothing to compare against.

    Also, they're usually to blame when the product quality decreases, as there is no incentive to improve, but there is to reduce manufacturing cost.

    So anyways, what I mean is that physics APIs can be implemented in OpenCL, not that you'd have to roll your own physics in OpenCL. And if Physx gets implemented in OpenCL, we'll have choice again. Which would be cool.

  • Nvidia provides both the engine and SDK for free to Windows and Linux users and developers

  • Free as in beer

    You're free to use it, not to make it run in hardware other than Nvidia's.

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