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  • We''re not going to start charging money just because people think we should .

  • We''re not going to start charging money just because people think we should .

    Yes, and as Ashley said, charging money will also generate more work and responsibilites.

    While in theory we could go commercial, we face the same problems as above (overcoming the freely available branch) as well as being obliged to provide customer support, regular updates, put up with pissed off users who want their particular bug fixed, etc etc etc. So right now we haven't got any plans to go commercial ever. Free for now!

    And in case you missed it, he also said:

    As I said before, we have no plans to sell any version of Construct, and intend to continue giving it away for free.

    Side note:

    Actually this thread's intention was not about the price of Construct, but what the developers have planned, for now.

    These 2 subjects come very close though and I can see that others, like me, are also interested/concerned by that other sub topic (price of construct).

  • Why would an issue interest you if the premise states it's not gonna happen.

    But for what it's worth, I think it should price higher than GM or MMF but lower than closer-to-engine software like that of Torque etc..

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  • The developers are still studying, I believe. Once they graduate and stuff, they'll no doubt be snapped up by major developers or start something themselves (a premium engine). With Construct they're getting the invaluable experience, which is worth more than any amount they could charge for the project. As a free tool Construct also covers a wider user base, gets more spotlight etc.

    They'll make a living in the future, no worries. Construct is just paving the way for them.

  • Construct may be free, but it's also already better than agm, since agm is limited and can't do much and isn't cross platform(genre)

    I think Construct is fine being free, free isn't bad. But I would love to have python working though, also you can't compare agm to construct, period.

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