Flip Layout Vertically?

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    There is a Flip Layout Effect.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/2340wxi9fcbs4 ... ut.fx?dl=0


    You can set the Height of a Sprite to negative.


    You can clone a Sprite in Classic.

    The 'Picture Editor' for that cloned sprite has a Flip tool (icon in the top bar)

    The erase tool can erase with soft edges (Hardness = zero), so you can draw out that coastline.

    Most links to 3th party effects are dead, i suppose.

    A subtle 'warp' could give just enough illusion of water.


    Using the 'Image Manipulator'

    Add 2 sprites, 1 'source', 1 'destination'.

    Add the 'Image Manipulator' object to the layout (that is faceless)

    Now, by instance ....

    Under a 'Start of layout' ...

    Add the action ImageManipulator > action > Copy image from sprite 'source'.

    Under a 'every x ticks'

    Add the actions

    ImageManipulator > action > Apply any effect

    ImageManipulator > Copy image TO Sprite 'destination'

    That is the basic setup. But it is hard (for me it is) to get it really working, because the ImageManipulator takes 1 tick for its manipulations.


    There is a Flip effect in the effects.


    You can use any of previous mentioned methods on sprites added to an 'off-screen' Layout. Use Flip effect on that layout. And bring it onscreen with the Layout plugin.


    Here is the manual for Classic:

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/1c4cdzwycsbju ... s.rar?dl=0

    Should bring you a lot more the right direction then i can provide to you.

    Hope added enough 'presence' to my nose, after sticking it a bit 'thoughtless' in this topic.

  • im still confused. by any chance can you send a .cap? this is what im trying to get(https://www.dropbox.com/s/bokvkneyptfei ... .capx?dl=0) i made this example in c2 using paster object.

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  • You probably could use construct classic's canvas in the same way as the c2 paster plugin. Paste to canvas, and set canvas height to negative...

    Unfortunately I won't be able to provide an example.

  • Ugh... I tried everything in cc. Might as well use c2

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