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  • I'm currently having a dilemma where family containers would simplify things greatly. For example, in the family properties dialog, you could add objects to a family's container, and then the objects inside the container would spawn with the family objects, and of course be picked with them as well. Any chance we could get this?

  • You mean something like if you spawn a tank, a turret spawns with it?

  • How is what you propose different to an ordinary container?

    If an object in a family is also in a container, the whole container spawns, destroys and picks with it. Containers always spawn and destroy as a whole, you can't ever create a single instance of an object without its associated container types.

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  • Well, it's kind of pointless now since I managed to figure out a way around it, but here's where it would be helpful: Say you have a bunch of different objects in a family, and you want all of them to spawn with one common object which is then attached to it. So essentially, it could just be made to where each family object would spawn with this object, but the object, when spawned by itself, wouldn't spawn with any family objects.

    Again, I already figured a way around it, but it could still be helpful in some circumstances.

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