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  • Guys, I've just meet Construct some time ago and I'm very satisfied with it, but I have a question:

    I want to create a plataform game and I want the ceiling (and other parts from the level) to fall above the player sometimes (with Physics) but I dont know how to do it. This game will be in 3D.

    Can you help me?

    Thx in advance for your time.

  • Hmm have you checked the platform tutorial and are you really sure about the 3d part???

  • Yes, we are.

    I mean, its a study project of 3D modelling and Game Design. We are not that good in programming, so, we are using Construct to get fast to our objectives. The game will be in Plataform, but all in 3D (something like Splosion Man). We could do it in C#, but we could lost too much time trying to solve programming problems.

    Hey, thanks for your tip.

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  • If you're not sure about the programming part, you're not going to be able to make a game like 'splosion man in construct. The 3D object is for static, non-animated meshes only. Unless you have the programming ability to modify the plugin or write a new one, animated 3D models are not something you can do without crazy math and events. Even then I'm not sure something in 3D that complex is currently possible at all at a decent frame rate in construct.

    Don't let quazi's thumb war game fool you. Construct was not built for 3D.

  • Maybe you mean that the graphics will be 3d models which are rendered to an image (png or the like) and used as sprites, instead of making 2D sprites with pixels or vectors?

    Anyway, I'm guessing what you want to do is have an object fall from the celing when the player walks under it?

    You could do this in a number of different ways depending on how you control your game. But what you want to do is check if your players X position is equal to, or close to, the object that will fall, and when he is you have another piece of code actually making the objects fall.

    I made a small cap with a very basic implementation of this.

    Also, for future reference, threads about getting help with a problem should go in the "Help / Tech Support" section of the forum.

  • Oh! Thank you inkBot. Its exactly what I want. We can yet use it as a tool for prototype our ideas but, without being able to use 3D objects with any movement (or physics), it cant help us wih our project. Our chars are all in 3D and our scenario needs some use of dynamic light effects.

    We already have Unity and UDK, but probably Unity will do fastest what we need.

    Thank you guys, I'll back when Construct gets a plugin of this kind.

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