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  • I don't think streaming is possible in DirectX. Both the CPU and GPU wait until the texture upload completes, and that is almost certainly a noticable pause.

  • Well you can also use a loading screen while using the vram controls for really large projects right?

    I also hope in the next build you include this feature suggestion ->

  • Well you can also use a loading screen while using the vram controls for really large projects right?

    you could have a loading screen layout that loads real quick, then once inside of it you load the next layout.

  • I think it should have a few ways of going about it.

    1. Load everything at start, like it is now. A lot of games are small enough that pretty much any card could load them, and then you don't have any loading issues.

    2. Upon going from one layout to another, dump everything except global objects and load all objects on the new layout into VRAM.

    3. Have a checkbox "keep in VRAM" - like for the main character, who's going to be used often, even if they're not global. Can be overridden by:

    4. Manual controls. Example: At start of layout, dump everything (except the stuff in #3), delete the objects you don't want to use, then use a "load objects in layout" command. Or the "destroy at startup" attribute will prevent an object from being loaded into VRAM.

    There might be a better way of going about it, but those're my thoughts.

    yes, yes, all that

    but the checkbox "keep in VRAM" should be toggle-able at runtime, so you can easily exclude one or two things from the dump, and decide that at each level.

  • just curious... will we now have to specify everything we want to load in vram or will it load everything by default, as it is currently? small games dont require that level of control and im wondering if the added control will increase the time it takes to slap something together. Im almost certain it will be as is by default. am i wrong? (forgive me if i missed something mentioned above, didn't read everything word for word)

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  • If you don't want to use VRAM controls there's no extra things to do.

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