CustomControls! Works/new Demo Cap/fixes 360 analog problems

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  • I don't think it works anymore with the new version

  • Works for me? Well your example does.

  • You're right actually. When you try and trigger the controls with events (such as when "move left" is pressed, it uses the original control that's set in project properties). However the custom controls work fine with behaviours.

    Are you going to fix this? Or have you given up on it? Would be a shame to have it go, it's probably the most useful plugin as its the only way to customize controls.

  • I noticed that this isn't his fault at all-- it's actually a bug in Construct as far as I can tell. The built-in Xbox 360 plugin has the exact same issues, where it works with behaviors but not events.

    I did make a bug tracker entry with an example, but I don't think it's been looked at yet.

  • I don't think it works anymore with the new version

    Lucid, do you think you'll update your plugin to make it work on the last version?


    I really need it.

    PS: Or, you could make your plugin source code public?

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  • unfortunately, I no longer have the source code

    so I can't update it,

    however, there is hope, because whatever caused this plugin not to work anymore also broke the regular construct controls in the same way

    maybe when those are fixed this will be, too

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