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    Ah yes makes perfect sense in this case. Yet for a general rule. The pick event can be done in a subevent. In general i am not sure about combining "flow events/conditions" with "pick" events/conditions in one undivided blok. Would be an easy straightforwards rule to not do so ?


    As far as i understand. The routine to pick the objects runs first here. This routine is not instantly, its a bunch of code. Then the flow to the actions get blocked (or not) on the condition. Looks as a waste of CPU time ? And in general, in stead of fixing all those 1 by 1. An overall rule ristricting "flow" events combined with a "pick" event in the same undevided block would fix 95% of the fixes u agree to do ... allready ?



    still think the second line should be a sub event .. sowwy


    Reads perfect, and should work. But it dont work at all. It seems like .self + 1 actions slip arround collssion dedections. I did not figure out yet why.


    Runs perfectly, while 7 dont do what u expect. In base i tried to point to the high "try and error" level in learning construct. And thats not only because of bugs Ashley. Bugs are still accepted in this stage of developping. You know that.



    This is or a nasty bug, or i did something nasty. I started my early .caps over alot because of this one. Make the group "active" and run the event. See the error. It happens when you copy/paste a sprite to another layer, while deleting the orginal sprite. And yes i know you can drag objects from layer to layer in the layers pane. I figured that out after i found what caused the error.


    I wanted max. 10 points. Its no more then trying to let you see that "reviewing" the sheet engine is needed. I am sorry if i was a bother on the road to this point. I am sorry that i defended my ass.

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