The Construct, someday will support 3D?

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  • Unlimited resources, a good game does not make. I think people should focus on learning the software as it is and making good games, not getting blinded by shiny things.

    Also, a crap game is still a crap game, no matter how many dimensions it's got.

  • Unlimited resources, a good game does not make.


    There's a game called Bikini Karate Babes, featuring large 2D sprites with 60fps animation. Heard of it? no. Wanna know why?

    It sucks.

  • I think people should focus on learning the software as it is and making good games, not getting blinded by shiny things.

    The software isn't even finished and besides, adding new things is not necessarily a bad thing. If everyone should be learning the software as it is, does that mean people should not have created new plugins/features? Plenty of new features have been added to Construct and they are extremely useful. There are quite a few third party plugins too. They only make Construct better. What about all those Effects? Are they so bad?

    3D is not just some shiny thing. It could save people a lot of time in many cases. That time could be reinvested in higher quality gameplay. VRAM is a real issue too. Some things really ARE limited by VRAM. Besides, a better looking game will always be taken over a game that is not as good looking if their gameplay is the same. 3D objects would open up countless possibilities to make better gameplay too.

  • > "Game Maker" is a 2D game maker too.

    > nd you'd still have to learn all the 3D math.

    I don't think so. In Game Maker, with some simple steps, I loaded a 3D map made in Gile, with LIGHTMAPS and textures, and made a 3D camera with W, A, S, D + mouse controls. That's because Game Maker (even with Drag & Drop, which I didn't use), have 3D commands.

    Ashley: We're not saying you'd have to make Construct fully 3D, we're just saying we would like a simple 3D object loader PLUGIN. Since I don't know how to make one, because I'M NOT A DEVELOPER, we're asking to make one, starting from a REALLY simple 3D object loader. Also, a plugin like that could be improved over the time.

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  • I don't think we'll extend Construct's 3D capabilities before Construct 2. (I bet you're starting to get tired of hearing what will be in C2) 3D Box was really an experiment/proof-of-concept that 3D can in fact be integrated in to the engine - but it's since become a bit of a maintenance liability, with lots of bugs and regressions ending up taking a lot of time. In short, the engine was never really designed for it, and it's been hacked in. We'll design C2 with 3D more in mind so we have more possibilities here - but it'll still be first and foremost a 2D game creator.

  • Construct 2 will probably not be out (in a usable semi-stable beta version) for years huh...

  • Probably also true!

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