Is Construct ready for a major game?

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  • A curiosity:

    After finishing God of War (for PS2) you can view monsters that was not implemented, and there are some explanations, they say that one of the monsters was designed to appear in many quantities but it causes slowdown, and it was not implemented because of that.

    GoW is one of the best seller games of all time on PS2 and his team had this kind of problem, so i think it?s nearly impossible to have a engine with no limitations, it?s just a matter of knowing his limitations and trying to avoid problems.

    I think it?s a good idea to make a thread about things an user have to avoid on making in construct, one of these things is making a layout with 4500+ events and 20000 x 20000 pixels. (sorry but i could?t resist XD)

    [quote:2rnlgakd]couldn't agree more, for 2 people making such a huge project is a bit difficult, so if you could get some others to help then the development would be definitely speed up.

    I think coding in a large group that has no direct contact is a very difficult task, maybe making in 2 people may be slow but can be more efficient.

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  • Is it not at all possible to fix the argument crash bug by just not reloading the sprites that exist in your game when you open the expression editor? To compensate, there could be a dropdown in the expression editor that, when clicked, will only then load all those icons down there. For the most part I remember the names of all my objects anyway, the sprites at the bottom of the expresson editor window just serve as reminders.

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