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  • If I was a Construct user, I would hate having to open a cap file to get a few graphics for another cap file. I would rather just import the images... or am I missing something?

    There aren't many graphic resources that give developers enough to make a decent-looking game, and the helpful resources cost money, so the point in packaged graphics is shot.

    I may abandon the project all together, because nobody wants to "support" everything. I get the same reaction from Game Maker people. They don't want non-GM games to use their graphics. It's absurd. I really don't know how this has any logic in it.

    Well, the project is put on the sidelines for a while at least.

  • Having them in a cap is obviously not as user-friendly as without, but the point is it will get new people who want to use the resource to download Construct, even if just to rip the stuff out of the cap and move on.

    Another open resource doesn't do a whole lot because it's only a matter of time before people start saying "ah, he's using that pack" - they get old, over-used and are worth nothing other than to conceptualize. Thus, I'd want it to have people downloading Construct to use it, for secondary benefits.

    Same is likely with the Game Maker people, and MMF2 people ... if someone posts a game that uses library artwork, the first couple responses point that out and tell them to make their own.

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  • A good point but you must realize that most graphical resources aren't all that great and are meant only for RPGs, like the RPG Maker RTP. Also, the RTP was meant to be RPG Maker only, but people just used the same graphics for Game Maker games, and it became a very bad practice to use RTP graphics, because every game had the same characters in it and the same style to it.

    This graphics pack was supposed to be diverse, featuring many different artists, supplying graphics for a variety of game types.

    It seems to be a lost cause, though.

  • I'd be up for some contribution... I like to make little bits and pieces from time to time, that is when I'm not working on my own stuff. I probably have a lot of sprites and things I can already contribute from past projects and things I never ended up using. There is some pretty random stuff, and some of it's not really "complete" but hell, I guess if you need something and you can't draw very well...

    I need to have a look on some of my archive DVD backups and find some of my stuff.


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