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  • The first option I chose without any second thought was "team collaboration", and I was somewhat surprised that it didn't get more votes. On the other hand, it's clear sign that half of Construct users are lone developers. After several years in game development, that is one of the most important options I seek for in any technology.

    On implementation part, just a hint: my experience is that saving some resource in text-based format, and letting version control software do the rest (be it svn, hg, git - anything will do the job), gives optimal solution.

  • Well I think part of the problem is theres stuff that shouldn't really be there. Gamepad and Performance should be no brainers and multiplatform to SOMETHING should be a semi-given. That can eat up 3 votes. They're hard things to vote against. Then you got juicy things like online multiplayer. Yeesh.

    Really I think Universal Joypad support and performance should be a given. Well, performance is a bit different since that has more to do with optimization and time. Performance should be a general goal of any project like this. I dunno, the poll in general seems weird just due to the type of things on it. You got some stuff that is almost a must, some things that are somewhat weird (...plugins written as events, really?) and then a bomb like Online Multiplayer which is more interesting, since it takes a lot of commitment to make but is very desirable. That said I'm not sure if Ashley is really going to use this poll 'as is' and work on whatever got the more votes, but more to get a better idea what people want before weighing the effort to implementation amounts. From our end it can seem sorta unfair and crazy though. Still,m I'd drop gamepad and performance from the list and see what that stirs up.

  • I'm not going to take the poll as-is and spend my time proportionally on those features, necessarily, but a followup poll might be interesting, yeah. I might go back over the "most wanted" thread, add in a few more ideas, take out the usual suspects, and run another poll.

    As for event-written plugins/behaviors - these are actually quite a popular and oft-requested feature.

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  • As for event-written plugins/behaviors - these are actually quite a popular and oft-requested feature.

    For ass-hats like me who can't program to save, well... anything's life...

    This would be a very welcome and powerful addition to Construct.

    I have spent countless HOURS even DAYS making some custom thingy-ma-bob do a hers-a-whatsit for the thingy-mer-jig, only to want to use it again somewhere else on another project. It would be sweet as to be able somehow export the event group/selection/sheet/whatever to make a single-click implemented "plugin" that could be used by anyone and everyone.

    As much as an online multiplayer plugin makes me gush... I would LOVE to see something like this (especially if anyone has a chnace in hell of keeping up with lucid ).


  • As for event-written plugins/behaviors - these are actually quite a popular and oft-requested feature.

    This. All of it.

    (Ha, Sol.)

  • I suppose just looking at it as "event written plugins" is kind of underselling it. Or perhaps its a request that is sort of misrepresented a bit. Really though this seems to fall into the group collab stuff too. Portability of assets also allows them to be re-used and modified better. I suppose I should be looking at this request as analogous to allowing people to write libraries, which would probably be a boon to everyone over all.

    But still, the poll options are weird.

  • True some things like sprite[index] should go without saying. But a lot of these are plugs, does that require a huge change to the program to get those?

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