Construct Classic vs Construct 2 for Beginners

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  • While Construct 2's HTML5 focus allows for multiplatform releases, the lack of power the technology currently has (or may never have, who knows?) can be severely limiting for more bigger ideas.

    Construct Classic while (in my opinion) being more powerful has less official support now and is maintained by the community. It's in dire need of an update and stability fixes from my experience as it crashes way too often with big projects.

    If someone somehow makes export modules for Classic that allow it to compile games that'll work on Mac, Xbox 360 (probably via XNA) and what have you then it'll definitely be THE go-to WYSIWYG game creation program. I'm hoping someday that Scirra decides to counter YoYo Games who dropped their HTML5-only version of GameMaker for a true multiplatform GameMaker Studio.

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  • With r100 coming out soon how are opinions changing?

    I went off Classic for a good while after experiencing some really annoying bugs with the bone animator tool. I have followed Construct 2s development closely and for the last few months I've been using it as a prototyping tool as I love the programming side of Construct above everything else, it just makes sense to me.

    Recently though, I've started to make a 'real' game with it, I think it's pretty much there and capable of handling my ambition with the exception of having an (easy) way to save a game and also the audio functionality is too basic.

    With r100 coming up though, .exe exporting interests me because that means so long as the player has a PC the game is assured to work, unlike with browser which can give varying results. WebGL too, that brings the visual capabilities on-part with Classic does it not? Or not? I don't know.

  • I'm actually about to try out C2 now. The only reason I wouldn't use it before was because, as others have said, I have no interest in purely web based games. I prefer them to be .exes. And with the recent release of r100 of C2, I can now export a project to .exe.

    Classic is great and served me well over the past year, but it just has too many random bugs and really slows me down when I seem to get on a roll with my work. I think it's a real shame that Classic was never truly completed, because it's definitely the best program I've used for 2D development up until now. But the problem is, I can't foresee myself making a full game using the engine. Not when I can't even make a full screen without having paralax scrolling; basic features of a platformer.

    So it's time to give C2 a shot. :D

    EDIT: So... yeah... I didn't realize that it costs $100+ to use the exe feature of Construct 2, so never mind what I said before. >_>

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