Construct Classic r1 released (unstable)

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  • Exciting! still on the installer and I can see the improvements already

  • This is supper

    Thank you all C1 developers

    Keep c1 alive!!!

  • > Try this:


    > There is something wrong with the physics. Shouldn't it just bunch up instead of spraying outwards from where the first instance was?


    no, it's behaving correctly,

    you're creating objects occupying the same space at the same time, which is forbidden in physics, and so the simulation does it's best to push them out from each other as quickly as possible

    Actually I don't think it is behaving correctly. The Physics template has the same issue. Creating even a single object in a empty space will move away at a high rate of speed.

  • Ok, I apologize porlo.ill take a look when I get home.

    Edit: actually, I think I already know what's wrong. In that template cap, is there a relationship to the speed and direction of the flying off and where you spawn it?(and probably moves slower if its close to the object originally was on the layout)

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  • Thanks for the improvements guys!

    Going in that way Construct Classic will become free of bugs someday.

    But i have a question, what are this orthogonal projection? What�s the diference between the two projections?

    Sorry for my ignorance.

  • It makes it so that there's no perspective scaling when you z distort a sprite. Basically it's an advanced feature that allows you to use the z-buffer to sort your scene.

  • Is the physics issue blocking a "stable" release? We can do a r1.1 with a fix so we have a stable Construct Classic, if that suits.

  • Great update, thanks.

    What happened with physics? Everything now goes crazy when i start level. Any suggestions how to make it work like in previous version? "Use old units" doesn't seem to work.

  • Sounds awesome!

    Nice work.

    Can't wait to have a proper play

  • [ADD]Platform: new actions to ignore object types - allows you to ignore specific platforms and solids to more easily create stairs, elevators, ghosts, etc(lucid)

    This has had a major effect on my game. I have been pondering a particular problem and potential solutions for a long time, not really wanting to open the can of worms and this had it solved in 2 minutes. Cheers Lucid!

  • Is the physics issue blocking a "stable" release? We can do a r1.1 with a fix so we have a stable Construct Classic, if that suits.

    Stick to whole numbers, please, otherwise we'll fall into the 0.99.999999 trap again

    r1, r2, r2932, r2933 etc. make more sense. It just means "the next iteration".

  • This wouldn't be an actual iteration, just a fix for a single problem, so 1.1 makes sense...

    Btw, physics problem is fixed, so expect that update soon

  • Majority of releases are bug fixes...

  • True true. But, this is a quick single fix for a feature/bug initiated in this release. There isn't a whole changelog, its a fixed version of Release 1, basically.

  • Absolutely awesome work guys! Thanks sos much.

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