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  • I was cleaning out a old hard drive and came across a cc portable i had made about 3 years ago but had forgotten about it and thought maybe someone might still want it . I updated it with most of the third party plugins and effects plus I added a tools folder with some programs (sprite sheet spliter , sound making and converting , image making , Icon grabbing and changing , etc ).

    It will run on any win os from xp up (have not tested on win10) without any additions as It has directx 9c and the vc runtimes already added. Just put it on a flash drive and use at work or school and enjoy . If you have a use for it great , if not well your not out anything <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> ... 2.rar?dl=0

    Update: Unofficial manual and objects reference in pdf format ... s.rar?dl=0

  • There is still a lot of love for CC, so I expect this will/should be well received. Thanks for sharing.

  • zenox98 It is amazing what you find when searching through old hard drives , I came across Chrisbrobs manual and nickydude's object reference and updated first post . I also found over 500 cap files and tons of tutorials . I guess I'm a packrat .

  • granpa

    Many thanks for this.

    I recently booted up an old hard drive to check it, and found all my original Construct1 tutorial/postings etc.


  • Quite a while ago I used Google translate to navigate the old CC russian site and grabbed loads of .cap files - many of them quite excellent, and many can be easily transferred to C2.

    CC is still my fav over C2, although C2 does fulfil my requirements - recreating old Speccy, CPC464 and Miggy games

  • zenox98

    'CC is still my fav over C2'

    Best bit of free software ever made.

  • There was a problem with the portable build and I have corrected it and updated the download link , sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused anyone , the new build seems to work fine.

    On a side note , if there is a interest I would be glad to download a computation of cap files and tutorials that I have from the old website , these could help c2 users as well since they could easily give examples that could work with slight changes , some with no changes at all .

  • The fact that the manual contains (what I assume is) an accurate and comprehensive list of expressions and their functions is probably one of the best things for CC to happen in some time. Thanks a lot for unearthing this stuff, granpa!

  • Amazing work, thank you for this. Construct Classic still cant be replaced due to the content it has to offer. Also that nice BSD license for the games exported with it and the fact it is free GNU licensed software makes it a smart choice... I find even now owning Construct 2 license that Construct Classic -- even with built in limitations and bugs and quirks -- is still quality. I recommend it.

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  • Hey granpa. Thanks for putting the portable CC up for download. Regarding your above post, If you do still have said cap files and tutorials available I'd be very interested to get a copy of them. Thanks

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